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So Many Choices.....So Much Information!

Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!!! Remodeling your kitchen, picking the right furniture to complete a room, tile, paint colors, flooring, and the list goes on. It can really be overwhelming and steal joy from what is supposed to be a lot of fun. I have been on both sides of this and have learned a few things that may help you enjoy the process and enjoy the results, So here are 3 simple things that will make a big difference for you and keep you from ending up like stressed out George Costanza!

1) Don't wait until the last minute. This is just common sense and we hear it all the time, but rarely listen. Start sampling and looking at your options in as much advance of install or job date as you possibly can. If you are using a contractor, just ask them to keep you as updated as they possibly can on timelines so you know when those decisions need to be in by. That communication is key for both customer and contractor. You don't want to make a decision under pressure and your contractor doesn't want to have his crew ready to go and you aren't ready to pull the trigger. Communication is key in so much of life and a remodeling project is no exception. When a contractor and customer are understanding of each others situation, the results are much better! I am not a contractor but know that timing is challenging for them. With communication of deadlines and allowing yourself time to make decisions by not putting them off, you and your contractor can have success in the project! A win, win is sure to keep the process joyful!

2) Spend some time with your prospective color choices in YOUR home. How many times have you seen a color in the store that you love but then get it home and it looks totally different? Probably a lot. Perfect example for me is when I am picking gray colors. I ALWAYS pick a cool gray color in the store. I like it the best every time. What happens when I get the color in my home or a customer's home? It is "too blue!" So hear is a great idea I have heard many customers saying they do. Tape the prospective colors in a location that you will regularly pass and look at. One of them will start to "speak" to you. A great tip I have heard multiple times, so give it a try!

3) Finally....GO WITH YOUR GUT when you are in doubt. This is your home! It isn't your friends, your decorator's, your contractor's or anyone else's, it is yours! The more you make it about pleasing yourself rather than others, the more you will enjoy the process and the results. Everyone has different taste so the latest fad may be safe, but you may not like it so don't put your money into safe. Of course, if you know you will be selling your home in the near future, that changes the decision, but if not, go with your gut and what you think looks the best. I have found it to be less painful when I am wrong going with my gut then the frustration of when I am wrong defaulting to other opinions. Plus I am wrong more times going against my gut then the other suggestion. This isn't to say don't get opinions and help, I am just saying the final decision is yours. After seeking help, your "gut" will start to direct you to the choice that is right for you, even if you have some friends who think otherwise :)

In the end, it comes down to making the process joyful! What is the point of sinking your hard earned money into a miserable frustrating process? Taking some of this common sense approach to your remodel will help you keep the joy where it is needed the your home!

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