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Keep Your Wooden Door Beautiful....Even In Alabama Weather!

You can't beat the beauty of a real wood front door. So why are we seeing more and more fiberglass faux wood and metal doors? Simple, we don't think the wood door can withstand the elements so we opt for something cheaper that is supposed to last longer. Well we are here to tell you that you can have that beautiful mahogany door, or maybe you prefer oak. Whatever you prefer, don't hesitate to go for it! All you need to know is how to protect that investment and you will have years and years of service and beauty.

Here is an example of a door that was not protected and starting to split and weather. A dull unappealing door, that is really a beautiful mahogany door. Here is where the good days of service begin. It doesn't have to start with a major operation but many times it does. The good news is that you don't have to do it again. So for this door we stripped it down to the bare wood, repaired the cracks, sanded out all the dings, and stained it in a pretty dark walnut color. The finish we used to protect it is a marine spar varnish. It is formulated for the elements and resists mildew. The finish is a nice blend of durability, look, and feel. None of those key elements are compromised in the process.

Now that the major operation is successful, the key to staying healthy is to maintain it. New Life Refinishing offers maintenance with its door refinishing. This provides an annual check up to see if there is any breakdown of the topcoat. At the first sign of breakdown, we can do a light sanding and re-coat to rejuvenate the door without having to strip it. If you see breakdown occurring before we check in, just give us a call to come check on it. Depending on how much direct sunlight the door gets, it may need an annual light re-coat or it may go 3-4 years or more before needing it. A small annual fee will ensure that your door will remain beautiful rather than becoming a monster project that you don't want to tackle. The longer you delay refinishing your once beautiful front door, the more damage the elements will do to the wood instead of just the finish. Call us today at 256-714-6664 for more information about our door refinishing and other services. New Life Refinishing is where customer service meets craftsmanship! Thanks for reading, we hope you have a great day!

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