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Let's Talk About Your Kitchen Cabinets.

They may be outdated or they may be water damaged. Whatever the reason for the need, a beautiful kitchen is well within your reach! Where do you start? Well, we will deal with refinishing and repainting your cabinets since that is one of our specialties. First you need to decide if you are going to get new cabinets or refinish or paint the existing. If you like the style that you have, then I would recommend refinishing or painting them to the color of your choosing. If you desire a different style, then maybe new cabinets is the way to go. Another option is to get new doors on the same boxes. There are plenty of options depending on what your goal for the overhaul is.

So you have decided to refinish your existing cabinets. How do you choose the right finisher for the job? Of course get some estimates. Price is obviously important to all of us, but as with any important investment in your home, don't make it the only factor. If it sounds too good to be true or grossly out of line with other bids, the risk for disaster may be high. Here is what you can expect if you choose New Life Refinishing for the job.

1) Top of the line materials will be used for your cabinets. Depending on the look you are going for the materials will be manufactured by either Benjamin Moore or Mohawk, two of the top names in the industry.

2) A door sample provided prior to the job beginning. We will do as many samples as it takes for you to KNOW that you are getting the look that you want. That is huge. This is a big investment so it should not be a big gamble hoping for a positive outcome. This sample process allows you to know you are getting what you want but also allows you to preview our work. If your finisher can't provide a quality sample, they may not be able to deliver the quality you want. So this sample process gives you the opportunity to change your mind if you are not satisfied with our sample. So essentially our process is low to no risk because you can see exactly what you are getting before you are fully committed, and THAT is a lot of peace of mind going in to a project like this.

3) Effort and care for keeping your home as clean as possible. This is an invasive process, but we do our due diligence with tape, paper, drop cloths and fans to contain our mess as much as possible and we work hard to clean up after we are done.

4) Timely completion and good communication. We schedule our work to give us the best opportunity to finish on time and to spend the necessary time to give you our best every time we enter a home. Finishing can be finicky and throw you curve balls, so there is never an absolute guarantee on time, but we schedule responsibly to give us the best chance to finish on time. If we run into some trouble, we will communicate new timelines as soon as we know them. On average, a cabinet job takes 5 - 8 days to complete. We focus on trying to get all of it done in 1 week, but specifically the boxes in the first week so you can load them back up while we finish the doors.

5) Guaranteed satisfaction. We will stay at it until you get what you want. We have a process in place that almost eliminates a lot of post job adjustments and fixes, but you don't pay until you are completely satisfied our work is complete.

So what are you waiting for? No reason to put it off any longer! Call New Life Refinishing today at 256-714-6664 to get a free quote. You may also schedule your appointment online by clicking the "schedule now" button on our home page. Thanks for reading we hope to speak with you soon about your next project!

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