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All Lacquers are created equal?

Why do we use the lacquer that we use? Don't you get the same thing regardless which shop you select for your refinishing project? Well, because we know that not all lacquers are created equal, we wanted to use one that is created better! So what difference does it make in a shop's choice in lacquer? These are the questions we would like to answer in this blog post. So for a quick reading on what lacquer is, here is Wikipedia's explanation in this link

The solids content of a lacquer is what separates high quality lacquer (HQL) from low quality lacquer. Low quality lacquer (LQL) has more solvents in it and less solids. Because of this it is cheaper to produce and to buy. The difference between HQL and LQL is in what is left behind after spraying. HQL having higher solids and less solvent will leave a thicker film (finish) behind than the cheaper LQL.

So what do these differences mean for the customer? LQL will crack and break down quicker than HQL. It makes sense that if the LQL leaves behind less finish because of the lower solids, it will crack easier simply because it is a thinner layer of protective coating. I have tried and experimented with a wide range of lacquers in my house to study the different lacquers for the purpose of selecting the best lacquer for my shop. I have seen much more chipping and cracking in the items finished with the cheaper LQL. Another issue with LQL's is that the lower solids product does not fill wood grain as well. You are more likely to get a grainy finish with LQLs due to the lower solids unless many coats are applied, which would defeat the purpose of using an LQL to begin with. The HQL will leave a prettier and more durable finish every time.

So why would anyone use an LQL? Cost and perceived profitability. Like any industry, you have different levels of cost and quality for products and service. Some companies provide a higher quality good or service so you will find they charge a higher price and vice versa. New Life Refinishing has chosen to use Lacquers like you see in the picture above. Lenmar is manufactured by Benjamin Moore, a name everyone knows in the world of paints and finishes. Does it cost more? Yes it does and it is worth every penny! It may appear less profitable to use when I purchase it up front, but the big picture is where it is at. Long term customer satisfaction and repeat business is a commitment that goes beyond right now and the current project I am working on. It is a commitment to a process and products that we know will produce the best finish in the Huntsville market. We enjoy the pursuit and will never stop trying to perfect and improve our craft. Call us today @ 256-714-6664 for a free quote on your next project or click here to schedule an appointment online.

Thanks for giving us a look, have a great week!

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