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Make A Statement!


Where do people go first when they visit your home?  To the front door of course!  What impression does yours give your party goers or friends you are having over for dinner?  Whether it is a simple change of color or a weather worn door, New Life has exactly the right finish to give you the curb appeal and warm welcome to your beautiful home. 

Durability?  We can provide it!
There is no match for a solid wood front door.  Metal, Fiberglass, and other options just aren't the same.  With New Life Refinishing's superior finishing techniqes and products you can have the beauty of real wood with a durable finish to protect it and keep maintenance cost down.  Additionally we offer a maintenance program to re-coat your door before it needs a complete strip and refinish.  More importantly, the maintenance program will prevent the damaging effects of the sun from getting past the finish and impacting the actual door.
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